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Sketches from last week

Some sketches from comics I’m working on right now. Toilets, food and babies! Everything I draw and write about seems to center around that.


Some jokes are funnier as a concept then drawn out on the page, BUT YOU HAVE TO DRAW THEM ANYWAYS! They will bug you and turn into ugly pimples on your tongue if you don’t. So better a mediocre joke that now swimming through the internet then some icky bulges on the tongue!

PACIFIC RIM, thoughts

Finally saw Pacific Rim! It had fun Robot smashes though I was surprised on how many “tropes” it also contained. I think those things exist for a reason, it was just a little weird to see HOW MANY of those made it into the movie. Was it on purpose? Should anyone care? I DONT KNOW! […]

Gym phones

  The Gym is the best place to check your emails, watch a funny youtube video or listen to loud dance music tracks. It’s great to draw there as well!

Osamu Tezuka

  I’ve been on a OSAMU TEZUKA trip recently, reading pretty much everything I can find from him. I don’t know why it took me so long to appreciate his “later” comics but they are really fun, crazy and interesting. Also crazy was his work ethic, with pretty much drawing all day, working on 3 […]

Role Models Preview

COOL TRADINGCARDS! Forget Magic,forget Dungeons and it’s Dragons, this is where it’s at! I’ve been part of the fantastic ROLEMODELS Exhibit over at Light Grey Art Lab and everything looks amazing. “The card game includes work by 99 international artists, 95 being portraits, alter-egos, your inner mage or warrior, as well as four kingdom cards, […]