My Name is Andreas Schuster and I’m an Illustrator that specializes in everything around Storytelling.

Thanks for taking a look at my work!


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Working from Home

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My name is Andreas Schuster and I’m a freelance Cartoonist with a Diploma in Design from the University of Düsseldorf.
I’ve worked in the animation industry for the last couple of years, focusing on
Storyboards and Character design.

I also draw Comics and Kid’s book Illustration.

This is me, being blinded by the sun, holding a very cute baby:


My comics have been published in:
Harvey Beaks #1: Inside Joke
Harvey Beaks #2: “It’s Crazy Time”
Nickelodeon Magazine (No #4 #5 #6 #7 #9)

KABOOM “Uncle Grandpa Pizza Steve Special” Clarence “Rest Stops”

MooseKidComics, (1, 2, Christmas Special)

The Anthology Project Vol2, Senfurke – Various VolumesNeufundland, Karagoez, The Royal Pantytime, The Infinite Corpse

My kid’s book work has been published in:
Käpt’n Kaos und die Schoko-Aliens: Band 1,
Käpt’n Kaos und das Monsterparadies: Band 2,
Käpt’n Kaos und der Tiefsee-Planet: Band 3

Gallery Exhibitions:
Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis, ROLE MODELS, 2013
Gallery Headquarters, Montreal, PRESS START, 2010
Gallery Headquarters, Montreal, Burned Toast, 2010

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