Storyboard Portfolio

Storyboard Experience

I’ve been a full time Storyboard artist since 2014, here are some of the shows I was able to contribute to:

  • HILDA / Netflix, Mercury)
  • The Powerpuff Girls / Cartoon Network)
  • The 3 Amigonauts / Teletoon, 9story)
  • Corner Gas (The Comedy Network, Smiley Guy)
  • Rusty Rivets (Jam Filled, Nickelodeon)
  • DOT (CBC, Industrial Brothers)
  • SpongeBob Squarepants / Nickelodeon
  • Creative Galaxy  Amazon, 9story)
  • THE CROODS / Netflix, Mercury)

For more with more specific time lines, please visit LINKEDIN

Storyboard Excerpts in PDF:

Here are small scenes in different types of shows I have worked on.

2d Cinematic (HILDA) PDF <-

3d Pre School (Rusty Rivets) PDF <-

2d Pre School (DOT) PDF <-

And 2d Slapstick Humor (Taffy!) PDF <-

You can also download them all, in one BIG FILE

  • 2d Cinematic (HILDA)
  • 3d Pre School (Rusty Rivets)
  • 2d Pre School (DOT)
  • And 2d Slapstick Humor (Taffy!)


Please let me know if you want more specific examples or a longer scene!

Thanks for looking and please check below for other storytelling mediums!

Other storytelling:

I’ve drawn more then 18 comic stories for NICKELODEON MAGAZINE and Papercutz Graphic Novels

I draw “slice of life” comics for my BLOG 

And have my own ongoing Comic DUNGEON EXPRESS

Thank you for your time!